Interstate 395 Gridlock: Quaker Lane

Source: Google Maps

Rush hour traffic on Interstate 395 (Southbound) on a weekday evening can be a nightmare. What should take a mere five to ten minutes usually ends up being a stressful 45 minutes or more when you are sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic. If you are heading to points in Alexandria and still haven’t reached the Glebe Road exit, Quaker Lane (402) might be your best possible route to get to your destination.

Motorists often miss this route because the first road sign for it is located on the exit lane which is separated from I-395 by a guardrail. Once you pass that exit, you can no longer (directly) get onto that route. To get to Quaker Lane, which runs north and south, you must take the Glebe Road exit and follow signs directing you to the route.

From the Glebe Road exit off of I-395, Quaker Lane will intersect with major roads including King Street (7), W. Braddock Road, Seminary Road (420), and Duke Street (236). Each intersection is located in between Old Town Alexandria and the I-395 corridor.

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