Sycolin Road: Connecting Ashburn and Leesburg

Source: Google Maps

Many who commute from Ashburn to Leesburg (or from Leesburg to Ashburn) know very well that traffic can be terrible on Leesburg Pike. The other main access road (the Dulles Greenway) forces you to pay tolls to get to your destination. Luckily, there is another route that will take you from Ashburn to Leesburg (and vice-versa).Sycolin Road runs nearly parallel to Leesburg Pike to the south. Directions to get to Leesburg from Ashburn are as follows:

From Ashburn:

  1. Head SOUTH on Ashburn Road towards Hay Road for 1.2 miles
  2. Turn RIGHT onto Ashburn Farm Parkway and drive for 2.2 miles
  3. Ashburn Farm Parkway will turn into Sycolin Road. Continue on Sycolin Road for 5.4 miles
  4. Take US-15 BUSINESS exit towards Leesburg and drive for 0.02 miles
  5. Turn RIGHT at US-15 BUSINESS/S. King Street and continue for 1.0 mile

Arrive at Leesburg

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